Carsten Holler

In our fall 2017, we explored the concept of "play" through Carsten Holler's multidiciplinary approach towards artistic thinking and production. We focused on four books on his works and reviewed them for better underestanding of his philosophy. 

Originally trained as a scientist, Höller is frequently inspired by research and experiments from scientific  history and deploys these studies in works that alter the audience’s physical and psychological sensations, inspiring doubt and uncertainty about the world around them. His work often draws on social spaces outside of the museum such as the amusement park, zoo, or playground, but the experiences they provide are always far from our usual expectations of these activities. Höller’s art takes the form of proposals for radical, new ways of living by creating sculptures and diagrams for visionary architecture as well as transportation alternatives, such as his renowned slide installations. These concepts may seem impossible in the present day, but suggest new models for the future.